Kynev: Change of CEC staff necessary for improving the public image of the upcoming elections


The change of the staff of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is necessary for improving the public image of elections in the country. This point of view was said by a political analyst Alexander Kynev on air of the radio station «Echo of Moscow».

In his opinion, the reputation of the acting head of the CEC Vladimir Churov does not meet this goal.

«Of course, due to a number of his controversial statements, Vladimir Evgenievich has established quite a symbolic reputation. Therefore, the decision to exclude him from the CEC is one of the attempts of the Federal centre to take care of the public image of the upcoming election. Anyway, they try to reduce possible scandalous situations», he said.

However, according to Alexander Kynev, the format of the elections will be determined not only by the staff of the CEC, but also by legal rules within which voting will take place. In this sense, the recent amendments, which restrict the rights of observers and independent NGOs, will negatively affect the quality of control over elections and will not help to change the public opinion.