Ministry of Culture congratulates Leonardo DiCaprio by posting a photo of him and Vladimir Putin with a joke


The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation congratulated actor Leonardo DiCaprio on winning an Oscar. The ministry posted a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the actor on Instagram. The photo included a comic caption where the film star was thanking the Russian leader for the award.

Earlier, in Los Angeles there had been the most popular world film award ceremony «Oscar». One of the most intrigue questions of the ceremony was if DiCaprio would win an Oscar in the category «Best Actor in a Leading Role». It was the actor’s sixth nomination, which finally was marked by victory.

«Thank you, Mr Putin!, — Oh, nothing, forget it», — this was a comment on the photo.

«We supported Leo!», — said the caption to the photo.

At about 10 pm (Moscow time) the post was deleted, but instead of it there appeared a new one, which did not have the phrase «Oh, nothing, forget it».

Previously, in an interview with a German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, DiCaprio said that he would play Putin with pleasure.

In 2010, the actor had a personal meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg, where they were speaking at the forum on saving Siberian tigers. The president called DiCaprio «a real man» because the actor had changed three airplanes to reach Russia.

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