Russian nuclear power plants reduce up to 15% of the personnel


Beginning with 1 April at Russian NPPs up to 15% of employees engaged directly in production will be reduced. FlashNord was informed about this fact by Kola, Balakovo and Kursk nuclear power plants.

According to the words of a worker of Kola NPP, which is located in Murmansk region, they plan to reduce about 300 (14.3%) out of 2.1 million employees. «The staff have already been warned about the decision of the management of the plant,» — said the interlocutor of the agency.

In Balakovo in Saratov region about 150 (4.2%) out of 3.6 thousand people are under reduction. «Officially, it is not a reduction, the employees are offered to go in subsidiary enterprises because according to the law, in case of a reduction the management of the plant must pay compensation. In the subsidiaries they say that they are not interested in a new staff, so it all ends with resigning,» said an NPP employee.

The interlocutor also added that the programme for staff optimization at Balakovo NPP will be implemented by 2020.

In turn, an employee of Kursk NPP was more categorical in estimations of the situation. According to him, the decision to optimise was made in late 2015 after the recommendation of the President of the Russian Federation on the necessity to raise labour productivity by 5%.

«To achieve this, it is necessary either to increase output or reduce people. A nuclear power plant can not produce more: a thousand megawatts is expected to be produced — one thousand will be produced. But we have (Sergei) Kiriyenko (head of „Rosatom“) — a forward man. Putin said about 5%, so Kiriyenko said about 8-10%», — said the interlocutor.

He noted that 4-5% of the staff can be reduced painlessly. «During a year someone retires, someone dies; they just should not take new people. But if we speak about 7-10%, it is not clear what to do with people. And there is an important thing: at the stations there are industrial personnel and many different departments, not connected directly with the production. 10 years ago at stations there were 70% of industrial staff and 30% of departments, but now the ratio is 50% to 50%. But still they are going to reduce industrial staff», — informed the source.

According to him, the subsidiary enterprises, where the employees will go, don’t hide the fact that «these people are not required, they will be fired».

«They have chosen a wrong way. The reduction of working staff can influence the safety. You need it to justify removing people from the nuclear power plant from the point of view of safety. This is the rule, it works. In this case, the process goes quickly, they forgot about justification,» added the interlocutor.

He noted that about 250 people out of the 3.6 thousand employees of Kursk NPP will be dismissed at their own will. «Unlike colleagues from Balakovo, our programme of the so-called optimisation is designed for two years», — said the interlocutor.

FlashNord Agency does not have any official comments from «Rosatom».