Russian activists demand the ninth planet to be called in honor of Stalin


The activists of the society Stalinback have sent to Roskosmos a petition to name the nameless ninth planet of the Solar system after Joseph Stalin.

«Stalin is a figure of the international and cosmic scale. We want to perpetuate his memory in the Solar system and give this huge nameless planet a name of Stalin,» says the petition.

The authors of the petition draw attention to the fact that one of the scientists who discovered the planet is a Russian astronomer Konstantin Batygin. In their opinion, this fact should influence the decision on the name of the planet.

Previously, the journal Science reported that scientists at the California Institute of technology Michael Brown and K. Batygin suggested that in the Solar system there is a ninth planet lurking beyond Pluto and orbiting the Sun every 15 000 years. It is assumed that the planet is 10 times heavier than the Earth. It can be seen through a telescope over the next five years, when Planet-X enters the zone of visibility. Until now its existence remains a hypothesis.