Deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council dismiss Galina Shirshina


On Friday, at the session the deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council voted for the decision to dismiss Mayor Galina Shirshina by a majority of votes. 23 deputies voted for it, 3 members were against.

G. Shirshina said she would appeal the decision of the city council in court.

The head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen supported the project of the deputies’ decision and sent them the relevant resolution on the eve of the meeting.

«I agree on dismissal of the head of Petrozavodsk city district Galina Igorevna Shirshina», said Alexander Khudilainen in the resolution.

As reported, on 10 December, the deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council gave G. Shirshina a notification of the decision to dismiss her for dereliction of duties within three and more months. However, they suggested that the head of the republic would express her opinion on the matter.

As reported, in June the deputies of the city council recognized the work of the Mayor Shirshina and the local administration unsatisfactory. 24 of 27 present deputies voted for a failing grade after the report of the mayor for 2014-th year.

Earlier in an interview with FlashNord G. Shirshina stated that there was «a unique situation» in the city council. «I don’t have support of majority of the deputies in Petrozavodsk city Council. I speak with some of those who voted against my initiatives, and I know they treat me well. The deputies frankly tell me: „We are scared. You know, everybody who supported you, are already in prison or under investigation“. And they all have something to worry about,» she said.

Elections for mayor of Petrozavodsk were held on the single voting day on 8 September 2013. 13 people claimed for this position, including Nikolay Levin, who had been leading the city since July 2009. He was nominated for elections from the party «United Russia». The unexpected winner was the independent candidate G. Shirshina, significantly ahead of her competitors, gaining 41.9 percent of the vote. During this time she has not developed a constructive relationship with the head of the republic Alexander Khudilainen.

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